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All You Wanted to Know about Yukon Indian Hockey Association

    Yukon Indian Hockey Association Tournament

    Hello, you have visited, and it is hardly a coincidence.

    It means that you are interested in hockey and have wanted to know more about the Yukon Indian Hockey Association for a long time (or maybe recently).

    In this informative article, you will learn all essential information about this Association: the details of its founding, the main tournaments held by this Association, and many more interesting facts.

    Foundation of Yukon Indian Hockey Association and Its Main Mission

    Yukon Indian Hockey Association, nowadays called the Yukon First Nations Hockey Association, was founded back in 1973. For over 40 years the volunteer board’s hard work and devotion has been helping to achieve the main objective and mission of the Association which are to make popular the sport loved by millions of Yukon Canadians amongst the Yukon Indigenous peoples, to allow Yukon’s First Nation athletes to participate in the hockey competitions together with the citizens of other Canadian territories.

    Regardless of how well these people might play hockey or might not even be able to skate at all, anyone could feel part of the extended family that loves hockey through this Association. Through Yukon Indian Hockey Association tournaments, Yukon Indians could compete in this sport with other Canadian provinces.

    Hockey in Yukon

    Yukon Indian Hockey Association Tournament

    It is not widely known that the Yukon Indian Hockey Association Volunteer Council has organized the first Yukon Indian Hockey Tournament in Whitehorse, particularly amongst Yukon First Nations. 

    This is a major Yukon Indigenous tournament. Hockey players from all over the north, Alberta, and British Columbia come to participate. The location of this tournament is also symbolic, as Whitehorse is located on traditional Kwanlin Dun First Nation land.

    History of the Tournament

    Although this tournament has been held for more than 40 years, more teams come to take part in it every year. 2019 saw the record number of teams participating in the competition. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, this tournament was canceled in 2020, but it is expected that more than 45 teams will participate in it in 2022.

    Every year this tournament attracts more and more sponsors who want to contribute to the cause. Some of the best-known sponsors of this tournament are Victoria Gold Corporation and Kilrich Industries, the largest manufacturer in the Whitehorse building materials industry.

    Besides the annual tournament hosted by YFNHA board, the Association sponsors adults and the youth to travel both inside and outside the territory to hockey tournaments throughout the year. The Association works in cooperation with other organizations to offer skill development camps for all levels of players.

    An example of such an initiative was Northwestel and Yukon First Nations Hockey Association Summer Hockey Camp organized in 2019.

    More information about the Yukon Indian Hockey Association will be available on shortly. It's not surprising that this Association was created. It has opened up a broad perspective of the game of hockey for Yukon Indians, who certainly understand the benefits of playing hockey.

    We are sure that there will be more associations of this kind worldwide that will promote this helpful sport.